Vol. 1
A1. Here I Go Again play button
A2. Get What’s Mine play button
A3. Quite Cozy play button
A4. Reach Out
B1. Naive
B2. Ain’t Nothing Nice (Produced by AWANTO3)
B3. What Is This

Vol. 2

C1.It’s Allright play button
C2. I’m Ready play button
C3. With The Laws play button
D1. Move Along
D2. Overcome (Roll Thunder Roll)
D3. Heal

Waaghals and Multiversal are proud to present U-Gene’s long lost first solo album, made in
collaboration with legendary Dutch DJ and producer Mike Kivits, better known as Aardvarck.
While Aardvarck attainted a worldwide cult status with his DJ-sets and his freeform beat
orientated production, U-Gene became an in demand live and studio musician, providing his
vocal and keyboard skills for Dutch greats, such as Urban Dance Squad and Candy Dulfer.
Their unlikely collaboration started out in the early 2000’s, after Kivits sought out U-Gene
and began sending him beats. U-Gene soon started recording his vocals and keyboards over
Aardvarck’s production, transforming the abstract beats into fully developed songs, creating
an unique musical tapestry of broken-beat fuelled neo-soul and modern funk. The production
shows Aardvarck on an interesting crossroad, somewhere between broken-beat, hip-hop and
beatdown house. His raw computer beats, combined with U-Gene’s soulful touch, create a
dynamic that either results in the nastiest funk or the deepest soul.
The original recordings where made by U-Gene at home somewhere between 2000 and 2005.
Sadly, the project eventually got shelved. As a result, U-Gene never had the chance to realize
the full studio mixes he had in mind. Although the album remained unreleased, it ignited an
underground buzz, circulating in the hands of a lucky few. Some songs even landed on other
Aardvarck related projects, like Rednose Distrikt’s ‘Poes’ and his solo album ‘Choice’, whilst
several other songs floated around on the internet.
Fast forward to 2017, the music could easily be mistaken for ‘new’. However, only seven of
thirteen tracks were available in multitrack form, due to lost hard disks and crashed
computers. U-Gene still had the whish to mix his songs in a studio, which was only possible
with the seven songs that make up Vol. 1 of this double album. With the original midi tracks
and vocal takes still intact, U-Gene could finally create the sonic he had in mind since the
beginning of this project, while maintaining the original intimacy of these home recordings.
The other six songs that make up Vol. 2 are the original mixes made by U-Gene on his
computer. Vol. 2 also includes an additional song produced by Aardvarck’s fellow Rednose
Distrikt member Awanto3. As U-Gene is based in Nijmegen, local record store Waaghals is
proud to finally release the album in its most complete form.