01 Bajka - The Bellman's Speech (Valique Sea- Side Remix)
02 Bebo Best - Saronno On The Rocks
03 Iain Mackenzie - Close Your Eyes
04 Lizzy Parks - All That (Natural Self Remix)
05 Me & You - Hoop Hoop (Solo Moderna Mix)
06 Valique - Trouble Girl (Basement Freaks Remix)
07 Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Bop (feat. Pat Appleton)
08 Renegades of Jazz - Blow your horn
09 Gramophonedzie - Why Don't You (Radio Mix)
10 Artie Shaw - Prosschai (Minimatic Remix)
11 Tape Five - Cool Cat in Town
12 Timo Lassy - The More I Look At You (feat. Jose James)
13 Los Cuatro de la Sala - Tango por Cuatro (Tape Five Remix)
14 Rosalia De Souza - Sambinha
15 Andrew Sisters - Rum and Coca Cola (Jojo Effect Remix)

Long awaited 5th in the series of Bar Tunes compiled by London's top compiler Peter Wanders. Using some of the years top Producers and Artists including 7 exclusive tracks that have never been released until now!
Bar Tunes opens with a sublime Bajka track remixed by the talented Valique, moving on to a brand new Bebo Best track from his forthcoming album and then on to London’s top Jazz singer Iain Mackenzie with “close
your eyes”.
The album grows with cool Jazz vibes from Lizzy Parks and on to Solo Moderna’s remix of Hoop Hoop. Valique is back again with Basement Freaks doing the remix followed by Multi the talented Bahama Soul Clubs
“bossa bop”. With Renagades of Jazz and Gramophonedzie up next, this album just gets better and better!
Some electro swing style then arrives with Tape Five and Minimatic’s remix of an Artie Shaw classic. Jazz is now on the agenda with a cool track from Timo Lassy feat Jose James on the vocals and with a Brazilian feel from
Los Cuatro de la Sala remixed by Tape Five and Rosalia De Sousa doing the business, playing out Peter finishes with a tongue in cheek remix of
the Andrew Sisters classic “rum and coca cola”

Another must have compilation to add to your collection!