01. Sucette
02. Bowling for a week
03. Les yeux noirs (Lazlo Remix)
04. How high the moon (Lazlo Remix)
05. The sky was pink
06. The minor drags (Lazlo Remix)
07. Topsy (Lazlo Remix)
08. Busy line (Lazlo Remix)
09.I've got a gal in Kalamazo (Lazlo Remix)
10. Ragtime 2.0
11. Dixie
12. Beautiful people
13. Stomping at studio 54
14. It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing) (Lazlo & N'to Remix)

Lazlo is Paul H├ęzard, a French electronic music producer from Marseille, who's grown up surrounded by the music of Duke Ellington, Stevie
Wonder and Django Reinhardt. From his earliest steps in music until his latest minimal-electro-swing productions he always wanted to pay tribute
to all his idols using ideas and melodies from History's classic music back catalogue.
Lazlo has refashioned vintage sounds with fresh electronic beats and sounds that give swing a second youth and electro an organic way of bouncing! Lazlo's music is a time machine picking gimmicks from all times and genres including soul, jazz, reggae, funk, hip hop, blues and pop.
Whilst growing up and learning music Lazlo was influenced from "The French Style" with the emergence of electronic and deep-house to dub-step, from trip-hop to minimal techno. That's why the newly born electro-swing genre fits Lazlo's style so well. With electro-swing he
expresses all his love for the Jazzy sounds bringing everyone to the dance floor with up-tempo beats and bass lines only heard in electro music.
This first album shows his special interest for swing and jazz music but this is only one part of Lazlo's abilities. The future will see him exploring news musical styles, bringing joy to his listeners, which has always been his goal.