01. Fabulous swing kid
02. Geraldines routine
03. Three butterflies
04. I spy you
05. Black cotton blues
06. Bunga book
07. Ice from Russia
08. Slow serenade
09. Peace patrol
10. City of lights
11. Love tonite
12. Tintarella di luna
13. Tequila (Album Edit)
14. Pink lullaby

“We want you – Join the Swing Patrol!” After international success with „Tonight Josephine“ TAPE FIVE now steps forward with some 1940’s
inspired flavours! TAPE FIVE with his pacifist attitude has always been inspired by the Great “Big Bands” from the 30’s and 40’s who entertained
the troops with their unique, powerful and cleverly arranged swingin´sounds, put him right in the mood… “More Swing – less Electro!” But why do
you even need a category? After a very long time of intense recording, this outstanding TAPE FIVE album has mellow saxophone chord sections,
sparkling brass counterparts, all composed in that very old style! The essence is Swing - plus some influences from vintage R&B, 40’s
Rock’n’Roll and Mambo... to give it some variety. “Fabulous Swing Kid” Whether you need new dance moves from “Geraldines Routine”, the right
soundtrack for driving down Mulholland Drive in your Thunderbird cabrio towards the “City of Lights”, swaying on a “Slow Serenade” or having
“Love Tonite” till you need a “Pink Lullaby” – the SWING PATROL takes over, but in a very peaceful way. Swing dancing allowed! „Cheers
Marlene!“ Power needs posing - pictured by the style of "Ponymaedchen", a retro modern fashion brand from all-time-hip Berlin, bringing back the
look of the G.I. blues. Or dig out Grandpa’s clothes and join the SWING PATROL, all you need is some discipline! TAPE FIVE For the SWING
PATROL, the fourth album by songwriter/producer Martin Strathausen and his Orchestra, he recruited singers and musicians from ten different
countries - from California to Cameron via Brazil, England, Italy, Ukraine, Romania and of course his home base in Germany. With alliances
around the world TAPE FIVE is stationed on hundreds of music compilations.