1.The Magnaminities of sound
3.Sugar Sphinx
4.Into the Outback
5.You bring me down
8.What I wanted to tell you
9.Super Continental
10.Super Continental- Tita’s return
11.Don’t be afraid of me
12.Beneath the Alleyway

Lounge musketeers and down tempo ambassadors Adani & Wolf are on the move again. Spreading their precious time between studio's in Spain and The Netherlands and playing gigs across Europe, they used the better of the last 2 years to record and ref-define their unique sound. After the mega succes of the albums 'Les Seigneurs' and 'Supersteam', the Dutch sofa surfers are returning to the scene with a more than spectacular new album 'Into The Outback'. A result that is not to be missed, an album that will shake the foundations of the modern down tempo scenery.

The ingredients for this breathtaking experience are simple, but effective. Daniël P. Wolf holds a firm grip on rhythms, sound effects & harmonica while Roberto Adani gently strokes the keyboards & guitars. Trumpets by Rob Van de Wouw, sax by Wouter Schueler and hypnotizing vocals by divas Ginger & Mieke 'Giga' Sternerdink, all wrapped up in a breathtaking production. The progession of their sound has been a gradual, but rewarding one. 'Into The Outback' is a supreme expression of that extraordinary creativity. A vision & exploration of organic musical patterns, wide open planes and unprecedented musical skills. Adani & Wolf are -without a doubt- the best Dutch down tempo act on the planet. And they have their new album to prove it.

Kicking off with the smouldering Fender-laden 'The Magnaminities of Sound', you already start to feel the burning sun on your back. Slow & sizzling, mysterious & passionate. And that passion continues as the amazing Ginger takes the mike in the mystifying 'Speak'. Reminiscent to the better works of Morcheeba or Massive Attack, this track is a constant grower and will grab you by the throat everytime. A formidable slow-burner, deep & sensual. A bit further down the road, 'You bring me down' takes a swing on jazz & twang, unleashing a wild & untamed Mieke Giga and a first full invite to the exotic dancefloor.

In the middle of the album lies a true oasis. 'Alhaurin' is a fata morgana of Spanish guitars and violins. An instrumental excursion along winding roads in a desolate landscape. A panorama of dub-infused beats & melodies. Simply surreal & utterly delightful. And just a small step away from the piano-driven 'What I wanted to tell you'. An seductive electronic ballad that will be a winner in bedrooms for years to come. Sweaty, sultry & erotic. And arriving at 'Beneath the Alleyway', the album comes to a close with the unearthly and dreamlike trumpet tones of Rob van de Wouw, reaching beyond the scorching sun. Making this a unforgettable voyage that has come full circle.

If you haven't already joined the group of people who have been convinced by the music & talent of Adani & Wolf, the time to get involved is right now. 'Into The Outback' should get you that much closer to the feel & sensation of this truly remarkable & inspirational band and this album provides the (provisional) crown on their amazing career of cinematic sound & vision.

Next to all this magnificent music, 'Into The Outback' comes in true deluxe packaging that will provide great visual pleasure. The packaging & tray of this cd are totally biodegradable and will have a minimum of impact on the planet. This cd is a first for Australian Works, a division of Australian Homemade