01 Nama Nala (5.22)
02 Jangfata feat. Timbuktu (4.10)
03 Lita På Mig (3.58)
04 Allah Lake (5.09)
05 Bamba (7.17)
06 Come Closer (5.53)
07 Badia (4.07)
08 Sunkotou Njiima (4.44)
09 Jaliya Mouta (6.22)
10 Yaay (4.14)
11 Vid Din Sida (5.20)

Stockholm – Dakar, Sweden – Senegal, two different cities, countries, continents – and homes. In our constant travels we have come to the understanding that we do not move in between, but within. It is not a meeting or a union of two worlds or cultures but a musical voyage within the same sphere of people, rhythms and movements. And from there we find smiles and stories and compose songs and lyrics that we want to share. This album was created in many different places. The songs were born during a year mostly spent in South Africa and Senegal. They grew with us for a long time before we recorded them, mainly with our band in Stockholm. But the songs also travelled back to Senegal and Gambia where we recorded some of the material with the Cissoko family and friends. From there we went on to Zanzibar where we played at the Sauti Za Busara Festival, where we also took the photos for the album cover - that were produced in South Africa. Our languages - Mandinka, Swedish, Wolof and English – always travel alongside and within us, and are all represented in our lyrics. Sousou, grew up in the south of Sweden, and Maher, from southern Senegal, live together and make music together. Now comes the highly acclaimed and award-winning group's second album, "Stockholm - Dakar". Sousou and Maher Cissoko previous album "Adouna" was very well received by critics. With the new album "Stockholm - Dakar" we are invited to mostly contemporary music that spans over several genres. - We have experimented more and have taken influences from the different countries we have lived and worked in the writing process, says Maher Cissoko. It shows. On the new album they mix everything from traditional West African to Swedish music - spiced with pop, reggae, mbalax and a pinch of hip hop. But the groove and the feeling is similar, although the texts of this time is more personal. "Stockholm - Dakar" consists almost entirely of original material. - Our music is simple and straightforward, but with depth and soul. The message is about love and community, says Sousou Cissoko. The base for the new album is recorded in Stockholm, but much is also done in Senegal. The producer had to simply come along, Sousou says smiling. The album is produced by Andreas Unge who also plays bass on the album. Harry Wallin plays the drums and Pape Seck plays senegalese percussion. The famous swedish rapper Timbuktu is a guest on the album and other musicians are Barou Kouyate from Bassekou Koyate & Ngoni Ba, Solo Cissokho, Seckou Keita, Thomas Eby from Calle Real and many more. Together with Sousou & Maher Cissoko they create contemporary and extraordinary music with lots of love.