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European downbeat and breakbeat label Melting Records is really proud
to present ‘A Thousand Secrets’ EP, the latest music project from Greek hip-hop producer Apanemic, for the first time in vinyl.
With his second EP, ‘A Thousand Secrets’, Apanemic creates a mosaic of various sounds, reviving the music aesthetics in 60s-70s culture of Greece. Nostalgia clashes with fresh musical paths, elements that entwine together progressively as the EP unfolds, imitating the changing feelings of two lovers. Each track is part of a story. Each title matches the appropriate lyric from the original song sampled. Four tracks, a thousand secrets. A vicious circle as a foundation of a relationship.
Apanemic after his first release ‘Apanemia’ EP and the already wellknown track, ‘Like the Rain’, returns two years later more mature, to do something he knows well. Respecting
the primal aesthetics and roots of hip hop, he uses as a core samples from rare Greek 45s, dusty drum-breaks, heavy basslines and spoken word taken from Greek fairy tales and poems, or historic document records from all over the world alongside with stand-up comedy material. Maintaining his groovy trademark sound,
this time he fuses them masterfully with new elements from various sources such as blues keys, soulful vocals, jazzy trumpets and saxophones, xylophones, and more. All these elements are unfolding throughout the course of each track and are harmoniously integrated together in ‘A Thousand Secrets’, building the rhythm and providing the listener a soft sonic touch.
Having participated in various Greek hip hop projects since 2002, Apanemic, continues his journey on pulsating musical paths, by experimenting with the production of instrumental sample-based music.
His second EP ‘A Thousand Secrets’ truly resembles a crate digging exercise, since it focuses on records that have spent decades being out of the radar. To achieve this, Apanemic has used samples exclusively derived from the original vinyl copies, 33 and 45 rpm., from 50s to late 70s.
Αbout 48 different vinyl records were utilized for the whole project.
All tracks were produced, programmed and arranged on an Akai MPC 2000XL and 2500 during
winters 2014-2015 at Apanemia Lab, Ioannina (Greece). There were also utilized an analog
Soundcraft 200B console and an Akai 4000DS Reel To Reel tape recorder.