01 What Would It Be Without You play
02 Voor Anneke play
03 Thought I’d Let You Know play
04 Bakai play
05 Baby Smile play
06 Dr. King the Peaceful Warrior play
07 Come Let Me Love You By The Sea
08 Assunta
09 Quiet Dawn
10 Reminiscing About Dear John
11 Baby Smile (Jojo Effect Remix)
12 Quiet Dawn (Club des Belugas Remix)

The Cosmic Surf Club are a new music production team consisting of four musicians. They developed a unique way of working, they call it 'four Koks in the kitchen' ('Koks' is dutch for 'Cooks'), meaning everyone has equal say in deciding which tunes they produce and how to arrange, mix and master them.
Zane Massey is a master saxophone player from Brooklyn New York. Being the son of trumpeter and composer Cal Massey, he is a great composer in his own right, his specialty is building unique song structures and arranging four-way close horn parts. Then there's Saskia Jonker, a great jazz singer with a warm and sultry voice, she specializes in vocal and string arrangements and the painstaking practice of fine tuning all the parameters of the mix and the master. Coen Aalberts is a creative jazz drummer, he has played with many big names in the international jazz scene. He's the one who breathes life into the rhythm arrangements. Finally, there's Maxim Baghuis, a piano virtuoso who knows all the ins and outs of a modern studio and loves to create special effects.
The Cosmic Surf Club teamed up when they embarked on their first project 'The Cal Massey Songbook'.
Cal Massey (1928-1972) was an American jazz trumpeter and composer. He led an ensemble with Jimmy Garrison, McCoy Tyner, and Tootie Heath. He performed with John Coltrane, Billie Holiday and Donald Byrd. In the 1950s he gradually receded from active performance and concentrated on composition. His works were recorded by John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Jackie McLean, Lee Morgan, Philly Joe Jones, Horace Tapscott and Archie Shepp.
Massey played and toured with Shepp from 1969 until 1972. He also performed in The Romas Orchestra with Romulus Franceschini.

Massey died from a heart attack at age 43 in New York City..