OTTO KINTET - GLOED label: ZENNEZ (ZR-1810010)





1. Amaïka play button         
2. Jenny  play button         
3. Gloed  play button  
4. Melodia Della Nonna play button               
5. Hosti Nation play button         
6. Fête Des Cricris And Nowhere To Be Found play button 
7. Can’t Help Falling In Love With You play button      





Messing around with sounds and grooves, Otto Kintet's new album GLOED is definitely jazzy with a twist. Bridges are built between jazz, worldmusic, classical music, funk, …  with mesmerizing compositions as a result.

The album is available as CD and LP.

Since the release of their first EP in March 2017, the band has left quite the impression on the underground music scene in Brussels. The new album GLOED has that typical Otto Kintet-vibe written all over it. But the sound has matured and gained depth and attitude. The crowd seems to enjoy it. Otto Kintet gave a preview of some new songs at Brussels Jazz Weekend for a full house. The audience was all energy and smiles. 

Otto Kint - bass & double bass
Jeroen Capens - tenor sax
Martin Salemi - keyboard, Rhodes, synthesizer
Lukas Somers - guitar
Daniel Jonkers - drums

Ciska Thomas – vocals