01. Two Guys Three Boxes
02. One Flew Over The Silverbox
03. Mesmerizing Liquids
04. 4th Dimension of the 5th Ward
05. Silver Submarine
06. In Acid We Trust
07. F.U.B.A.R
08. You Know The Score
09. TB Or Not TB
10. The Return Of The Analog Multichrist
11. Heavy On Wire

Mastery is distinguished by the difference between being able to create something because you know about it,
and creating something because you are it. Hardfloor are the Masters! Masters of what?
Masters of the “sound of acid”, the style of techno they invented and infected the world with by unleashing the
groundbreaking and infinitely imitated “Hardtrance Acperience EP” in 1992. That unmistakable groove, that
pumping house bass, that swirling modulating melody, that throbbing acid house vibe and those climactic builds
and breaks – a new sound for the dancefloors of the planet.
Yes, this is 2010 and that was 18 years ago. A lot has happened since then and music has changed.
Or has it? While Hardfloor has been prolific in output over the years, with innumerable singles and a quantity of full length albums, as well as diverse side collaborations and endless individual projects, productions and
involvements, the sound remains the same. And this is a good thing.
On “Two Guys, Three Boxes”, their eights full length album, Hardfloor are precisely true to the form they invented and perfected. These two guys with three little silver boxes pump out swirls of symphonically intertwined yet soulful and funky acid riffs, riding on a wave of throbbingly catchy basslines, all held together by the glue of solid house beats. Are there drum rolls and long build ups? You bet! Like they’ve always done; like no-one else can.
Of additional interest is collaborative efforts with electro-edged moniker E.R.P. (aka Gerard Hanson from Dallas, Texas USA). E.R.P. released his first 12" in 1995 on Matrix / Detroit. He followed that will releases on Tektite Recordings, Down Low, Ai Records, Frustrated Funk, Frantic Flowers and AW Recordings. In the last decade he released under the aliases Convextion and E.R.P. (Event Related Potential). This teamwork results in two tracks where classic electro meets acid.
Two Guys, Three Boxes will thrill Hardfloor fans, recent or long-term, and interest a new generation ready for an authentic dose of real timeless techno