01.Right Here      
02.Heir to the King   
04.Before Afterhours
05.Saudade De Bo
06.Casa 21 
08.Chillin' at Soles Bar
09.Rainbow Shine   
10.Santa Domingo     
11.Do you want me 
13.Viking Blues (Silkeborg Shuffle)

Sven Van Hees can't change the direction of the wind, but with his latest release "Heatwave" this Belgian producer & Dj proves that through adjusting the sails, one is still able to reach his destination.

Released by his own imprint Your Lips, the album contains thirteen tracks, covering a huge variety in musical styles.  Unlike previous releases, this album is not mixed, though still cut in way so there are no silences in between tracks, keeping the overall "flow" of this journey through all things bliss.

"Right Here", "Leaving","Before Afterhours" and "Heir to the King"
are all 125 Bpm quality Deep House tunes with a solid groove that oozes warmth, makes you wanna get up and dance, shake that thing!
"Saudade De Bo", dedicated to his recently born daughter Bo, is Bossa Nova at its finest. The vocals seem to come directly from the beach of Ipanema, this song has to be the classiest lullaby ever.
"Casa 21", with lead guitar by Bart"Steinhardt" Van Huyck", sounds like Santana meets the Buena Vista Beach House Club.
Steinhardt also plays lead guitar on "Rainbow shine", a classic Svengali downtempo tune with dubby vocals, "Santa Domingo", jazzy afrobeat that sounds like Ravi Shankar on a Latin trip & "Mofongo", a tribute to the classic Dominican Republic dish sonically served by Svengali & Steinhardt  in classic "Kundalini"-style. Fela Kuti must be smiling up there!
With the track "Chillin' at Soles Bar", Sven Van Hees proves yet again he has no  competition when it comes to producing downtempo music that'll transport you into another world. This dubby downtempo tune has it all :
mesmerising strings, laid back reggae drums and an overall atmosphere of floating on fluffy clouds while sipping on a Mojito. Life is good! "Do you want me" continues the Caribbean feel on the second part of the album, with the male vocalist grabbing you by the spine while the drums go deliciously dubstep on us. Very clever song!
Heatwave ends with "Catnipped", broken beat with a classic Horn section & funky guitars,  while the last track of the album "Viking Blues" sounds like the owls are not what they seem, but Laura Palmer is still very much alive!

This is the complete Sven Van Hees , a perfect soundtrack to an endless summer . Seriously folks, start sweatin' !