1. Brussels Boogie
2. Over Easy
3. Dear George
4. Patterns
5. Show, Don’t Tell
6. Clear Mud
7. Lekker
8. Mindprint
9. My touch

Dutch pianist Kino Haitsma switches like a chameleon between the world of theatre - with
artists like Liesbeth List, Simone Kleinsma and André van Duin - and the new jazz of Hans
Dulfer, State of Monc and Bart Wirtz. At times groovy and exhuberant, at other moments
impressionistic and contemplative, his unique and versatile style of playing has been influenced
by Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Maurice Ravel and many others.
Kino will release his cd My Touch in january 2011. It features nine original compositions by
Haitsma, performed by some of Holland's most outstanding musicians, Jeroen Vierdag (bass)
and Hans van Oosterhout (drums). The songs on My Touch have a fresh approach to the
traditional jazz piano trio. Where a jazz standard often might be used as a starting point for
displays of improvised virtuosity, Kino choose to put the piano in a different perspective, with
compact, tight ensemble-work and catchy themes. Stylistically the songs range from danceable
jazz-house to odd-measure experiments while remaining very listenable. Music for the mind ánd
the soul.
Kino Haitsma started to play drums at the age of six, and switched to piano age eight. He
studied piano at the Rotterdam Conservatory, where he graduated with honors in 1989 and
won the Pall Mall Swing Award that same year. He continued to study at The New School
in New York City, where he was taught by Kenny Werner, Jaki Byard, and Bill Maze. He
also studied latin piano in Santiago de Cuba with Geovanis Alcantara Lopez. Kino performs
on stages throughout the European continent, USA, Japan, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. He
collaborates with jazz and classical musicians, DJ's and dancers. Besides performing, Kino is
also composing and arranging and always trying to enrich his knowledge of music.
what Kino’s colleagues say:
“What I really like about Kino's playing is he doesn't overplay, he's not concerned with how fast
he can play a scale or displaying how technically proficient he is.”
George Duke
“Kino ‘breathes’ music. With him, a song is not just a bunch of notes, it’s an adventure.”
Paul de Leeuw
"Kino puts his soul into his playing, with devotion, and that's heavenly!"
Liesbeth List
“I had many opportunities to work with Kino and it was - and still is - a true pleasure. Especially
one-on-one with him - voice and piano - is the summit of music-making. The precision!”
Simone Kleinsma