1. Minas
2. Cigana
3. Breque Bom
4. O tempo é aqui
5. Rainha
6. Divino
7. Mané
8. Versos perdidos
9. Sem par
10. Vendaval
11. Meu Rio
12. Bate

«Memory doesnʼt age, it always remains the same.
“Memoria” is an album about my memories, my hometown, the scent and flavours of my childhood, things Iʼve read, movies Iʼve watched at the cinema and my love for music. Itʼs about going back home, re-establishing a link with the past and recalling cheerful and happy memories.
“Memoria” refers specifically to the regions of Minais Gerais and the Brazilian northeast, its hot climate, the religiousness of the people and its faith in miracles, calling to mind images of mysterious and surreal popular tales, where time flows slowly in an intimate dimension.


Tocoʼs words briefly depict the musical content of Memoria. This work represents his artistical growth from the previous album “Outro Lugar”, which was partially recrded in Rio de Janeiro with Roberto Menescal and other
musicians from the carioca scene and highlighted elements of bossa and samba jazz from the 60s. “Guarapiranga”, a song from that album, has been recently featured in the soundtrack of the movie “Silver Linings Playbook”, which received 7 nominations and one award at the 2013 Academy Award ceremony.
In this album the artist doesnʼt abandon that tradition nor his passion for Rio De Janeiro and its pictoresque musicians, but explores the musical world of artists that influenced him and had inspired his artistical path: Edu Lobo, Milton Nascimento, Arthur Verocai, Geraldo Vandré, Sergio Ricardo e Dorival Caymmi.
“Minas”, a poetic hommage to Minas Gerais, opens this magical chapter, followed by gems recalling the life in the northeast, the geographical distance between the inland and the litoral as the distance of an old friendship or a lost love. “Cigana”, “Versos Perdidos”, “O Tempo è Aqui”, “Vendeval”, Rainha”: here
is the inner Brazil, far from the sea and not always jolly. Toco brings us on a journey that ideally culminates in “Divino” and “Bate”, intimate and romantic original compositions.
But he reminds us that Brazil means party as well, samba, joy of life, with tracks
like “Meu Rio”, “Manè”, “Sem Par” and “Breque Bom”.
The artist banded together with several musicians from his country: Robert and
Eduardo Taufic from Natal, a city located in the northeast of Brazil, Mauro
Martins, Edu Hebling, Marquinho Baboo, Ligiana Costa and Selton. Nina
Miranda, already known to the public for her collaboration with Smoke City and
Da Lata, joined this cast of amazing artists.
The album has been produced by Stefano Tirone, the mind behind S-Tone Inc.
After the previous collaborations on “Instalaçao Do Samba” (Schema, 2004)
and “Outro Lugar” (Schema, 2007) this album confirms the artistical
compatibility and affinity between the two artists.