1. Sleepwalking
2. Baby Come Down (Monte's Midnight Mix)
3. In The Mood
4. When I Look
5. Meadow (Taking Your Time Mix)
6. Malibu Marina
7. For Your Pleasure
8. Butterfly Belly
9. Paris Minuit
10. Desert Island Night (Monte's Daydream Mix)
11. Champagne Breakfast
12. Moon Over Flamingo Lodge
13. Gloom
14. Moonlite
15. Adeus (Live For The Ladies)
16. Turn Off The Lights
17. In Your Arms (unplugged)

“Monte La Rue presents Mood Mode.
Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue highlights special moments in the 15 year-career of
this reputed deejay and producer. From his very first track, the rare and seldom heard
Adeus, which minted the trademark La Rue sound back in the summer of 1998, to his
latest single, the deliciously drowsy Sleepwalking, Mood Mode distills 15 years in the
vanguard of sonic moodscaping into 75 minutes of aural bliss.
Monte La Rue is widely hailed as one of the instigators of the ‘horizontal dancing’ wave
that washed over Europe and the States at the start of the new millennium. His pioneering
Lounge Deluxe (1999) compilation broke new ground and opened up a hitherto untapped
market for quality music of electronic origin and exotic air. Many La Rue-compiled
collections of electronic mood music followed this lead and established the Amsterdambased
producer as one of the downtempo genre’s finest exponents.
Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue is culled from his extensive catalogue of productions,
which includes two artist albums (Interludia, 2002; The End of the Rainbow, 2008), an
album under the Fabergé alias (Dining & Dreaming, 2009), plus a smattering of tracks
exclusively recorded for compilations.
Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue displays a brace of new and never before released
tracks. Apart from the new single, Sleepwalking, the 17 track collection includes When I
Look and In Your Arms, both on offer for the first time. Mood Mode’s version of Meadow is
a new remix, while Baby Come Down and Desert Island Night (originally released under
the Fabergé moniker) are presented in newly remixed versions. All tracks on Mood Mode are
re-mastered for this occasion.
Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue offers past, present and future of lounge, for its music
is timeless.
Mood Mode - The Best of Monte La Rue comes in a digipack specially designed - like all La
Rue releases - by artist Victor Feenstra.