01 Cumbiame Rmx feat Mil Santos
02 En La Radio
03 El Rey feat. Deuce Eclipse)
04 Edmonton Skit
05 Presente
06 Fosforito (Vadim Rmx)
07 Jah Siempre feat. Lobstarr
08 Arbie Skit
09 Revolucionario
10 Adicto
11 Criminal Viene
12 Positivo
13 Operacion Rescate
14 Mala Gente


Paco Mendoza is a musical globalista with a rebel heart. His music is
multilingual, multicultural, merging the Latin soul of José Feliciano,
Marley’s uplifting idealism and the street smart of Hip Hop. Born in
Argentina to Peruvian and Paraguayan parents, he now lives and works in
the heart of Europe: In Berlin. Paco, is a producer, instrumentalist, and
singer in Spanish, German, French and English. He has already produced
several LPs together with his brother Don Caramelo, such as the German
Reggae Grammy winning project “Ragga- bund”. Additionally Paco is also
known for his work with Reggae-Greats “Silly Walks Movement”, which are
famous for their recordings with artists such as Gentleman or Patrice.
Mendoza’s instrumental focus lies on his acoustic guitar, however he is just
as comfortable rocking mics with his partner pon decks DJ Vadim, who has
produced most of the tracks on his debut album “Consciente y Positivo”.
This LP is a musical soundtrack, a clash of the old world versus the new. It
combines Latin, Hip-Hop, Reggae and Electronic influences - a
revolutionary urge for love and social consciousness, spiced with daily
topics and fiesta. On the musical level the Spanish guitar battles the Mini
Moog creating “boom bap beats” which Paco rides almost royally. Hence,
the record is a connection of several styles but in a minimal vadimesque
This sound conception is opened by the title “Cumbiame RMX” feat. The
colombian singer Mil Santos. A cumbia-electronica spiced with Atarisamples
from Cologne- producer Til Schneider. Followed by the call for
more good music in the radio “En la Radio”: A positive ride on a Dancehallbeat.
In addition the track “Revolucionario” is a cry for a better world,
whereas the Cumbia “Fosforito” is strictly a Latin club-tune. Concluding
“Consciente y Positivo” is not a mere hectic mixture, rather it is a stylistic
exposure to versatile sounds. Mendoza with his guest- singers Mil Santos,
Deuce Eclipse and Lobstarr such as the producers Vadim and Til Schneider
initiated the next level with an album that will most certainly cause a great
deal of attention.