01 You´re The Top
02 At The Jazz band Ball
03 Bel Ami
04 No Strings
05 Futruristic Rhythm
06 Polka Dot Rag
07 About A Quarter To Nine
08 I Heard
09 Without A Certain Swing
10 Am Sonntag Will Meine Süsse Mit Mir
Segeln Gehn
11 Jungle Nights In Harlem
12 Happy Feet
13 SInging IN The Rain
14 A Cheerful Little Earful
15 Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The
Gold Of The Day)
16 Yes! We Have Bananas

It´s the Year 1969. A man makes the first step on the moon. The BEATLES play their last concert.
The first Woodstock happens ….
… and The Pasadena Roof Orchestra gets its licence to swing when over 1000 original dance band
arrangements are discovered in an attic by founder-member, John Arthy. But you know that story, don´t
you? And the rest - as they say – is history!
More than 40 years on from that incredible find, the orchestra´s reportoire has been shaken again – not
stirred! The best 1920´s and 30´s tunes are the simple ingredients fort hat cocktail. So, sit back and take a
sip of the orchestra´s new programme LICENCE TO SWING .

For over forty years the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, based in the UK, has delighted audiences all over the
world with its mix of swing and hot dance music. Swing is much more than a musical genre, it personifies a
lust for life, with its infectious beat. Its roots lie in the pre war dance bands, and the roaring twenties which
inspired the later big swing bands. In contrast to many other musical genres swing has never really gone out
of fashion over the decades, particularly in recent years. The Pasadena Roof Orchestra has played an
important role in this resurgence of popularity.
In the past, the orchestra’s kind of music provided a boost in the background to some calamitous times, pre
and post war. Today, not only is the orchestra bringing its music to young audiences all over the world, it is
introducing new generations of young musicians to the music. The reputation of the orchestra is as legendary
in its own right, as the bands from the 1920’s and 1930’s that inspired it.
40 recorded vinyl LPs, singles, CDs, and DVDs containing over 300 titles have been released since 1974.
The timeless sound of the orchestra has led to ever more recordings. In Japan the orchestra's first five vinyl
albums have recently been rereleased in a CD format.
When it comes to authentic swing music the orchestra has no equal. The orchestra performs year-round with
a line up of eleven excellent jazz musicians who have perfected their craft and studied jazz at the top
conservatories. Many years of working together with top class arrangements, result in the ensemble sound
for which the orchestra is renowned. The show is presented in a way that not only showcases this talent, but
adds some wit and humour.
Duncan Galloway is the band-leader and vocalist and is also responsible for the musical direction. With a
background in theatre and music, Duncan has been part of the orchestra for over ten years.
The repertoire currently comprises over 200 titles of jazz, early swing and dance music from the era.
The orchestra was founded in 1969 by the master baker John Arthy...