01 Mountain Jumper pbutton
02 Egal ft ALIX pbutton
03 The River ft Anduze & Mela pbutton
04 Vårvindar pbutton
Friska (swedish traditional)
05 Flat Foot Boogie pbutton
06 Get Down pbutton
07 Star of
the county down (irish tradional)
08 NDW
09 Swingy Mama ft ALIX & Killo Killo
10 Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne
11 Boomeræng ft Alix & Cloud Tissa
12 Smoking Gun ft Anduze
13 Ballroom Breakers ft Judie Jay & ALIX | Savages Y Suefo [dunkelbunt remix]

[dunkelbunt] merges the diverse sounds of Europes "Wild East" with bluegrass, hillbilly and country from
the American pioneers of the old "Wild West". Sounds of the world mixed with electronic, modern club
music and bass heavy beats.
Ulf Lindemann aka [dunkelbunt] was born in Hamburg in 1979. At the beginning of the millennium in his Vienna
studio, he began to merge electronic music with Balkan, Gypsy and Swing sounds and along with his
contemporaries like Waldeck, Parov Stelar and Shantel helped popularize the new music genres, „Electro Swing“
and „Balkan Beats“. For the last decade he has toured the world with his live act and as a DJ.
The new album "Mountain Jumper" is an echo of his travels and also a very personal epic journey which along
with the music paints various pictures/landscapes. "Electronic music is the foundation which the sounds of the world
sit upon. I'm facinated with creating a relationship between sounds that no one has ever heard. There are
components from a wide variety of music styles and experiences from my life travels. The natural sounds I recorded
while in Hawaii or in Spain together with the musical memories from my time as a Boy Scout traveling in Ireland and
The heart of the album is found in the pioneering years of the United States. During [dunkelbunt]'s many tours of
the North American continent he has brought the music of Europes "Wild East" to the USA's "Wild West" and in
doing so became immersed in the magic of country, bluegrass, banjo, slide guitar and fiddle.
[dunkelbunt] takes the diverse sounds of various local cultures and mixes them with electro, modern club sounds
and basslastigen Beats. "I'm inspired by the fact that so many people with different backgrounds all came together
on one continent in such a short period of time. It's an amazing musical melting pot, the land of unlimited musical
possibilities. I have toyed with the idea of using bluegrass, hillbilly and country styles in my music for years thus
giving it a more global and electronic context.“ So in any one song the instruments of a european settler in a covered
wagon heading to the west coast can be heard along with the chinese workers of the transcontinental railroad. The
pipa and the ehru (the chinese lute and violin) blends with a greek bouzouki, slide guitar and a banjo with oriental