01. Terry Grant - I Never Sleep (Original Mix) 00:00
02. Greg Parker - Get High (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) 07:56
03. Brothers' Vibe - Alone (Original Mix) 12:13
04. Instant Pleasure - Control (Original Mix) 15:17
05. Andry Nalin - C'Mon Pushing On (Original Mix) 19:25
06. Strict Border - Body Cure (Original Mix) 25:03
07. The Timewriter - Sleeping Ruff (Original Mix) 27:53
08. Babak Shayan - Night Over Cologne (Original Mix) 32:30
09. Aki Bergen - Do It Up (Original Mix) 35:19
10. Lukas Greenberg - Do It (Greenster Remix) 41:12
11. Roy RosenfelD - Deep Daap (Original Mix) 46:34
12. Milton Jackson - Breathe (Aki Bergen Remix) 52:59
13. Doomwork - Ussircu (Original Mix) 59:23
14. Wollion - Get Down (Original Mix) 01:05:12

The Rome based Italian DJ and producer Aki Bergen, who started his career under the alias Neuroxyde had his debut on Plastic City in early 2010 with his MP3 release “Daftastic World” that was chosen by Terry Lee Brown Junior for his latest “Terry's Café” compilation episode and was followed by another great MP3 EP named “Something Like This”. Generally Aki Bergen's deep and tech house releases, who released his first production in 1997 are extremely successful. Wether in the sales charts of Europe, in the Deep House Beatport Chart or the Beatport General Chart – you will find the name Aki Bergen always at the top. So Plastic City asked Aki Bergen to continue its “Session” compilation series with the “Rome Session” after the “Paris Session” mixed by DJ Yellow and the “Zurich Session” mixed by DJ Miguel.

The entire mix convinces with its playfulness. Aki Bergen is a master in combining exhilerating and light melodies combined with sexy grooves and unconcerned light atmospheres. Aki, who collaborated with artists like 2000 And One, Milton Jackson or Pezzner so far creates a warm emulsion consisting of the best ingredients only. It enfolds its effect immediately and causes boundless possibilities to move the body. Aki, who is furthermore the founder of the Neurotraxx imprint and whose biggest hit was the track “Jazzy Stuff” proves taste by choosing tracks of Lukas Greenberg, Babak Shayan, The Timewriter, Instant Pleasure, Brother's Vibe, Terry Grant, Milton Jackson, Wollion, Doomwork and others. He created a mix that is perfect to prepare an unbelievable night.