1. The Village Awakens play button
  2. The Dance of Princess Discombobulatrix / The Wizard’s Awakening play button
  3. Seduction of The Duke of Waalwijk play button
  4. The General Serenades play button
  5. A Stroll In The Enchanted Forest play button
  6. Duke vs. General / Wizard vs. Princess play button
  7. Discombobula Disappears play button
  8. Introduction to Rise and Fall play button
  9. The Rise and Fall of The Duke of Waalwijk play button
  10. Introduction to Waltz play button
  11. Waltz of The Enormous Wizard Zendor play button
  12. Discombobula Re-appears play button
  13. The Horrible Revenge of Princess Discombobulatrix play button
  14. Lament/The Dramatic Demise of Princess Discombobulatrix play button


‘Discombobulatrix’ is a mostly instrumental, partly improvised surrealist opera in three acts, masterfully illustrated by Amsterdam based comic artist Typex. The story revolves around ‘Princess Discombobulatrix’, a highly confusing figure, ‘The Duke of Waalwijk’ and ‘The General’, who attempt to woo the Princess desperately, and a shapeshifter called ‘The Enormous Wizard Zendor’. It’s not long before the events turn into a tragedy, in which all the characters die a bizarre and violent death.

Soprano Nora Fischer plays the role of ‘Princess Discombobulatrix’ (sporadically), while the rest of the line-up is comprised of the creme de la creme of the Dutch jazz scene, with among others Joris Roelofs, Ben van Gelder and Martijn Vink. The musicians are pushed to their limits by Baas’ happily deranged eclectic melting pot: they play with ‘classical’ precision, improvise parts of the music on the spot and go back and forth between highly danceable post-punk and Wagner-like ballades.

‘Reinier Baas vs. Princess Discombobulatrix’ is released in September 2016 as a tin box with a CD, download card + comic book, postcard series and poster by Typex. For the album, the line-up is extended with strings, woodwinds and french horn.

In one word: sublime. - JAZZNU

When the last bit of irony has disappeared from his eyes, what is left is a seriousness and depth that command nothing but respect. - PAROOL

Baas is one of the best young musicians and composers of the Lowlands, in and outside of the realm of jazz. - 3voor12