01 Jungle & Space          
02 Lunar Intro                  
03 Lunar                             
04 Moon Boots               
05 The Voyager                              
06 Avaria                            
07 Jet Leg                          
08 Duke's Nightmare    
09 Tea For Two                
10 Earth                              
11 Inception

Lorenzo Tucci: drums and percussion
Luca Mannutza: piano, rhodes and hammond

Hardly ever happens in jazz music to be caught by a charming madness, a folly vein whose effect is so attractive as disarming.
It’s not about listening to an improvvisation, which is something unexpected by its nature. It’s about the true freedom of expression of a journey into sound whose route is shaped by this madness, something that can be unleashed without fear only by someone with strong skills and total control of the instrument: the mad vein then evolves in brand new sounds.

Lunar is a journey into the magical freedom of Lorenzo Tucci and Luca Mannutza.
Is there any need to say that “Duke’s Nightmare” is their eccentric and fascinating rework of “Caravan”, and Tucci at the drums delivers six minutes of pure magic? Hard to believe, there hasn’t been any overdubbing.  Is there any point in noticing that Mannutza switches from Lunar intro to Lunar , from piano to electronic keys and back with disarming simplicity?
Or, is it pointless to mention their ability to express in music the uneasiness of  a “sidereal breakdown”?
This musical journey at the end leaves us astonished and  almost drunk, and exalts for the sureness with whom these musicians can afford unexpected drifts, swoops and loops...

We are facing a madness made possible only by the total control of their means and technique of expression. Without this control, any attempt to venture into the amazing world which leaks from Lunar would be irresponsible, discordant and eventually, useless.
But even if madness in jazz is rare, it’s useful and deeply regenerating...
So, fasten your seat belt and enjoy this journey and its detours, and don’t mind about the destination: these experienced travellers know where are they getting you and will show you the way...

Free translation from the original liner notes by Francesco Soragna