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The Reason  After recording many albums, have made many tributes and collaborated with various artists in the world of Latin music I thought, it is time to make an album with songs that shows as I am. Here you will hear Gerardo Rosales musician, percussionist, composer, arranger, producer and someone who knows a lot of salsa culture. What you’ll hear on this record comes from the experiences from my live, all this years. Salsa Vintage is a reflection of a life dedicated to Salsa Dura. 

Participants  I am grateful to Manuel Torcatt who transcribed each song and enrich them with his contribution, we shared together all the arrangements. Musicians and singers who participated in Vintage Salsa have given the best of their talent to make this musical work very special. Ebeth Gallardo gave me the impetus to make this album a reality, thanks to her organization and enthusiasm. José Mendoza, mixed this record, hi is specialist in analog recordings. He worked as a sound technician in studies of TH in Venezuela when recording taped to the Dimension Latina, who better than him to give Vintage sound to this album. 

The Sound  to be faithful to sound Vintage in this recording we used acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano, baby bass, two trombones, congas and bongo wooden cow hides, bells made in the 70s, an old LP timbales, leather maracas from Pan con Queso, natural güiro. We recorded the base congas, bongo, bell piano bass and trombones we recorded it all together the 11th of February 2016 at Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam. Power Sound Studio is analogous with microphones from  60s and 70s. After that we traveled personally to Spain, Venezuela and Colombia where we recorded the guests and choirs like Freddy Ramos and Joaquin Arteaga of Tromboranga, Marcial Isturiz, Maite Hontele and more. 

The Style  In this album there are different rhythms Cha Cha Cha, Son Montuno, Salsa Dura and Guaguanco. Although they are original songs we want to return, the sound of Eddie Palmieri, Mon Rivera, Los Dementes, La Dimension Latina and Willie Colon. I have been careful in the concept of percussion using on some of the song timbales and congas and other songs bongo and conga to give the ensemble sound to this album, there is a song in this album with the  influence of Afro Venezuelan mixed with Salsa to give a different touch to the Album and there is also a song in orchestra format with two additional trumpets


Gerardo Rosales: congas, bongo, bell, timbales, guiro and maracas 
Lucia Fumero: acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano 
Samuel Ruiz: baby bass and electric bass 
Frans Cornelissen: trombone 
Pablo Martinez: trombone 

Freddy Ramos, Marcial Isturiz, Jean Paul Tamayo, Elvin Vivencias, Eduardo Alfonso & RamónMandeville 
Choirs: Marcial Isturiz, Elvin Vivencias and Gerardo Rosales 

Special guests: 
Maite Hontele: trumpet
Joaquin Arteaga: timbal 
Marc Bischoff: piano 
Oscar Cordero: trumpet and flugelhorn 
Martin Diaz: choirs 
Jose Mendoza: shekere, clave, cata and vibraslap.

Gerardo Rosales born in Caracas Venezuela began his musical career at the end of the 70’s. In Venezuela he plaid as percussionist with the major orchestras of his country. In 1992, he set up his base in The Netherlands and since then he toured all over world. He has recorded 17 CDs with his band and over 70 CDs with other artists. Gerardo Rosales specializes in Latin Jazz, Salsa and Cuban, Venezuelan and caribbean rhythms. He has founded important projects like Combo Mundial, Venezuelan Masters Orchestra, Charanga La Crisis, Our Latin Groove, La Gran Charanga, Son del Sofa, Descarga Venezolana and many others.


Gerardo Rosales played with The Rosenberg Trio, Saskia Laroo, Hans Dulfer, Benjamin Herman, Peter Beets, Tango Extremo, Drums United, Nueva Manteca, New Cool Colective, Fra Fra Sound, Denisse Jannah, Laura Fygi, Izaline Calister, Metropole Orchestra, Holland Big Band, Cubop City Big Band, Lilian Vieira, Maite Hontelé, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Benny Bailey, Paquito D' ’Rivera, Bebo Valdés, Toots Thielemans, Jimmy Bosch, Herman Olivera, Oscar D' ’León, Jose Alberto "El Canario", Andy Montañéz, Meñique,  Edy Martínez, Carlos “Patato” Valdés, Conexión Latina, Orlando Valle “Maraca", Orlando Poleo, Alfredo Rodríguez, Armando Peraza, Luisito Quintero, Ramón Valle, Larry Harlow, Adalberto Santiago, Frankie Vazquez, Oscar Hernandez, Africando and many more.