01 Beyond The Days 3:49
02 Right Now 3:26
03 Atras Da Porta 3:16
04 The Jive Samba 3:16
05 Ocean Dance 5:56
06 Se Voce Pensa 3:07
07 Essa Mulher 5:17
08 Wall And Water 3:46
09 Autumn Serenade 3:57
10 Moon Flower 4:04
11 13 - Death March 5:34
12 Los Marcianos 4:18
13 Sono Qui Per Te 3:31
14 The Sticks 3:15

With this new project, just published by Schema Records, Gaetano showcases the other side of his artistic personality. It is dedicated to the music of the '60s rearranged in a modern way. The result is a
warm music, refined and full of pathos.
The album opens with "Beyond the days" written by Gaetano and Alice Ricciardi. It’s a song in ¾ based by dreamy athmosphere. Following a Herbie Mann’s hit made famous by the great Mel Tormè: the song is "Right Now" and is sung by Mr. Natural. “Atras da porta” is hand signed by Chico Buarque and is a poignant bossa nova masterfully played by Rosalia De Souza. The “Jive samba”, a Nat Adderley’s hit made famous by Quintet Cannonball Adderley first and then by Jon Hendricks, here sings Mr. Natural. "Ocean Dance" and beyond to accommodate a single overwhelming Fabrizio Bosso, the song has one of the most interesting voices in issue: Heidi Vogel. "Se voce pensa" and is a funky song sung again by Rosalia De Souza. Another Bossa Nova entitled "Essa Mulher" made famous by versions of Elis Regina and Joyce. "Wall and water" and is partly adapted to the tune of "Blues for Hari" by Tom Scott. "Autumn Serenade" is a little-known ballad masterfully played by Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane in the historic Impulse album of 1962.

This version is arranged and sung by Mr. Natural. "Moon flower" where stands the only Peter Lussier floor and the string ensemble in the magical arrangement of Luigi Giannatempo

Nicola Conte is a weapon of guitar for the next song which is one of the most successful songs of Gary McFarland. The title is "13 - death march"

and is taken from the soundtrack of the 1966 film "Eye of the Devil". "Los Marcianos" and is inspired by the stories curious about a band. The following excerpt is instead an homage to Italian songs. It 'a song that the teacher Bruno Canfora wrote for the voice of Mina, here played by the wonderful voice of Alice Ricciardi in an arrangement "new york style". The album ends in joy again hosting the virtuosity of Fabrizio Bosso another hit in the historic Cannonball Adderley quintet called "The Sticks"