1.Count Down
3.Groovy Spider
4.Soul Puppets
5.Knock Rock
6.Why Is The Sun Never Crying
7.Hot Spot
8.Walking Tiger
9.Orange Faces
10.One For Mamy
11.Smiling Lips
12.Honkey Tonk Monkey
13.Windy Corner

New compilation including 14 previously unknown library tracks by composer, trombonist and arranger Peter Herbolzheimer, produced between 1970 and 1975 in Cologne and Munich with legendary musicians of his explosive band "Rhythm Combination & Brass" (RC & B): Straight, mostly Latin-oriented big band soul and funk at the highest level and with phenomenal feeling, played by Peter Herbolzheimer, Art Farmer, Dieter Reith, Herb Geller, Dusko Goykovich, Ack van Rooyen, Palle Mikkelborg, Siegfried Schwab, Tony Inzalaco, Philip Catherine, Peter Trunk and others, original recordings remastered at 24 bit / 48 khz, cover with unreleased photos from the collections of Josef Werkmeister and Gisela Herbolzheimer, plus exclusive liner notes.

In the year 1969, composer, trombonist and arranger Peter Herbolzheimer founds his band "Rhythm Combination & Brass" (RC&B). The formation quickly develops into one of the world's most reputable big bands, whose style and arrangements are new in all respects. They play an unconventional combination of jazz funk, Latin music and rock, how one might expect it in the U.S. only. Herbolzheimer is the first to equip the rhythm and brass band with an equal strength, both quantitatively and qualitatively, with a selected group of half a dozen European countries and from overseas. The usual saxophone phrases disappear, while "brass" (trombone/ trumpet) and solo contributions of the woodwinds occur to the fore, plus electric bass, organ, and two additional percussionists.

A well-camouflaged side project of the RC&B is the source for the present recordings from the archives of music publishers Altaxon and Edition Panther. None of the productions has been officially released until today. For legal reasons all tracks are recorded under the name "Orchestra Peter Herbolzheimer" and can only be found on so-called "Library LPs" for promoting the music on radio and television. Like the sounds on Herbolzheimer`s official LPs from the same time, the musical key points are blues, gospel, soul, funk, Latin and rock. The sessions are to settle a similar level as the music on Herbolzheimers milestones "Soul Condor", "Wide Open" or "The Catfish". Titles such as "Latin Groove", "Soul Puppets" or "Tiger Walk" set the unequivocal direction: The band plays straight, mostly Latin-oriented big band soul and funk at the highest level and with phenomenal feeling. Real quality music played by a full jazz-rock group, which provides the driving rhythm as a base for piled up and cleverly arranged horns. In contrast to this boiling Powerplay, other tracks like "Orange Faces," "Windy Corner" or "Why Is The Sun Never Crying" have their quiet and lyrical moments aswell. Regarding the planned radio use, all musicians finally avoid the otherwise usual, extravagant solos to keep the tracks short.