01 Pennies From Heaven
02 Night And Day
03 I've Got You Under My Skin
04 The Nearness Of You
05 Che Cosa C'e
06 Just One Of Those Things
07 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
08 Cheek To Cheek
09 Blues In The Night
10 One For My Baby
11 Un Vecchio Dixieland
12 Everything Happens To Me
13 1000 Ragazzi Fa
14 My Man (Mon Homme)

First selection of early works by one of the most excellent Italian female voices!
Stunning interpretations of timeless jazz classics like "I`ve Got You Under My Skin", "Blues In The Night", "Night And Day" or "One For My Baby", all songs from her sought after vinyl EPs "Jula In Jazz" and "Jula In Jazz 2" (recorded 1958 and 1959) plus further rare tracks from the first half of the 1960s, accompanied by legendary ensembles like Quartetto Lelio Luttazzi, Trio Franco Cerri or the orchestra of Giampiero Boneschi. Eleven carefully remastered tracks, still considered a vocal myth today, on a new compilation with unreleased photos from the collection of Jula plus new liner notes.
Jula (pronounced "Yula") de Palma was born in Milan on April 21, 1931. Her given name is Jolanda Maria de Palma but everybody called her Jula and the nickname would also be her name as a singer. Despite her
immediate success as an actress, it is her passion for singing and especially for jazz and for American songs that will lead Jula to another branch of the entertainment world. By chance, one day in 1948, while
shopping for records with her mother and her sister, she meets an Italian singer, Teddy Reno. He is also the owner of a Record Company, the CGD. Jula's mother mentions to him her daughter's contralto voice, her passion
for jazz and for the French new wave of songs, and her admiration for Mo.
Lelio Luttazzi, a young and very talented pianist and conductor, under contract with the CGD. Almost as a joke, Teddy makes an appointment for Jula to audition with Lelio Luttazzi. The audition turns into a jam session
and immediately afterwards, Teddy Reno signs the young singer with CGD. Palma was the only Italian singer who was on the same level with the great American and French entertainers of her time, singing the same songs in the same languages, but never copying, always being an original.
Her modernization of the Italian song paved the way for a new generation of Italian singers after her to be accepted internationally, and she is recognized by many for this achievement. She is happy and grateful for the
spontaneous creation of a website about her by young and enthusiastic people and she says "When I punch in "Jula de Palma" and I see my name come up, thirty years after I stopped singing, on the most faraway websites
of the world, I am still surprised." She shouldn't be, because Jula de Palma is still considered, today, a myth.