SOO CHO - AFTER ALL label: ZENNEZ (ZR-1604001)






01. A Little Boy From Mars play
02. Whatever play
03. Chickya play
04. Feels Like A Child play
05. P&B play
06. Both Sides play
07. A Day In May
08. Unexpected
09. Dassi
10. Figure It Out
11. After All

Soo Cho is a remarkable pianist/composer, and she happens to be a great cook too. Her compositions are as delicate and balanced as her South Korean fusion cuisine.
She now releases After All.
It is her fifth album since she left the Amsterdam Conservatory, and her first on ZenneZ Records. It is also her first trio album since her record debut in 2008.
Recording a trio album has been her dream for a long time for Soo, who .
In a way, Soo had to reinvent herself, break loose from the comfort zone of having other soloists, like Angelo Verploegen and Javier Girotto, keep her out of the kitchen's heat.
'It is both a challenge and a major responsibility to be the main soloist. Also, I was aiming for more energetic, more rhythmical tunes.'

'Don’t be surprised if "After All" turns out to be one of the finest releases of the season', recommends Phillip Woolever (All About Jazz).

Whatever it is that Soo Cho, and her Belgium sidemen Janos Bruneel (bass) and Lionel Beuvens (drums) have been up to in the Fattoria Musica studio, the outcome is mouth-watering, as if every note has been stirred, simmered and seasoned to perfection.