01. Mellow Tone play
02. Easy Living play
03. Misty-Tenderly play
04. So Many Stars play
05. Speak Low play
06. Street of Dreams play
07. My Favorite Things play
08. The Lamp Is Low
09. East of The Sun
10. Gershwin Medley
11. ‘S Wonderful
12. The Touch Of Your Lips
13. Passing Strangers

Sarah Vaughan was one of the greatest jazz vocalists in the world. She was revered by other vocalists and musicians alike for her unique improvisational style, her perfect intonation and timing and a remarkable vocal range. 
This year will mark the 25th anniversary of Sarah Vaughan’s death, reason why singer Marjorie Barnes is paying her tribute. With songs that are representative of Sarah’s long career; from her earliest pop successes such as Passing Strangers, originally sung in duet with Billy Eckstein, to her Mercury recording years, the Gershwin Live album, and her Brazilian repertoire. Included, as well, are Tenderly and Misty, two iconic songs associated with her. 

‘I have always been drawn to the fact that she never called herself a “jazz” vocalist’, says Marjorie. ‘She referred to herself as a singer, and she would sing whatever music she wanted. She had this incredible range that was operatic at the top, with a deep contralto at the bottom. She knew how to swing!’
‘With Rob van Bavel on piano, Frans van Geest on bass, Jean-Jacques Rojer on guitar and Niek de Bruijn on drums, we tried to give the feeling of artistry that surrounded Sarah Vaughan on her recordings; even re-creating the original arrangements on some songs’.
Marjorie Barnes Meets Sarah Vaughan: Tenderly.