01. Soul Chicken - Bobby Allen & The Exceptions
02. Stop Stuffin and Tart Sho Nuffin, Pt. 1 - Ray Weatherspoon
03. Monkey in a Sack - Lil' Buck & The Top Cats
04. Funky Screw - Lee Fields
05. 99 44/100 Pure Love - Al Reed
06. Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby - Jimmy Gilford
07. You Can't Go - Lonnie Lester
08. Puttin It On Your Mind - Jimmy Preacher Ellis
09. Churn the Butter - Eddie Buster Band
10. Behind the Face - Jimmy Rowles & The Gravel Pit
11. Baby, You've Got Soul - Iris Bell Trio ft. Butch Miles
12. Summertime - Dave Harris Trio
13. It Ain't Necessarily So - Nannie Porres & Claes-Göran Fagerstedts Trio
14. Pat's Rubber Band - Alley Pat
15. Tend to Your Business, Pt. 1 - Wildfire
16. Ease It On In - Sunrize
17. Deepest Sympathy - Theodis Ealey

Movements 5 is another representative release for this close collaboration between label and musician. As with previous releases in the Movements series, Volume 5 features detailed liner notes that include unpublished band photos that may have never seen the light of day had it not been for Tramp's mutually beneficial artist/label relationships. The happiness and pride felt in an enthusiastic "Thank you man!" from a 75-year old funk musician could not be counterbalanced by all the gold in the whole world. Tobias Kirmayer would like to thank all loyal souls and defenders of expelled music for their never ending support and hopes that all the tasty tidbits expected to drop this month will sweeten the start of a new decade.