01. Monkey's Tail ft. The Blendaires
02. Do The Thing
03. Soul Sax
04. The Boston Puppy
05. Don't Say Goodbye
06. Are You Confused
07. Born With The Feelings (Part 1 & 2)
08. Green Power (Part 1)
09. Green Power (Part 2)
10. Street Girl
11. Take Twenty
12. Theme From Canada
13. Green Power (LP Version)
14. Are You Confused (LP Version)
15. We Oughta Get Together
16. The Funky Professor
17. Show And Tell
18. Love Serenade

The Tramp Records crew celebrates its 10th anniversary with one more fantastic release in the Story of series. Another wonderful musician which deserves to be (re-)discovered: Professor Earl Lett. Although his songs have been dance floor favourites of both soul and funk DJs all over Europe, this is the first-ever compilation of his funkiest 1960s/70s material.

Earl Lett was born in 1945 and grew up in Monroeville, Alabama. His musical career started after his demobilization in 1961 when he went back to Massachusetts to go on tour with his first professional circuit band: Earl Lett & the Blendaires.

While on the road playing venues along the chitlin' circuit the band landed the possibility to record their first 45rpm single in Plattsburgh, NY (Monkey's tail b/w You're the one for me, Empire Rec., 1964). When Earl and his band held a residency in a club in New York, a producer from South Africa heard them and offered an engagement in Tunisia. In 1967, not long after his return to Massachusetts he released his second 45 (Do The Thing b/w Now Is The Time) on the small Boston record label Wild Records. In 1969 Earl decided that it is time to start his own label: Beantown Records. He soon released his debut 45 (Soul sax b/w The boston puppy) but went straight to Europe to play there for one and a half years.

Upon his return to the USA he accidentally landed a spot in Ike & Tina Turner's Kings of Rhythm band. Earl toured with Ike for one year, then he moved to Boston to study sax at the Berkeley School of Music. In the following years he kept releasing his music on Beantown, including his one and only full-length studio album titled Love Serenade.

Curious how such written content sounds ? Ooh Yeah! Simply push the play button and let(t) the groove move you!