MOVEMENTS - VOLUME 7 (V/A) label: TRAMP (TR-9042)




01. He's a Real Gone Guy - Dorothy Ramsey play button
02. Unchain My Heart - Johnny B & The Music Makers play button
03. They Call It Stormy Monday - Bobby Wade play button
04. Woke up This Morning - Rene Bailey play button
05. Sugar - Howard A. Smithplay button
06. California Dreaming - Nu Art Quartet play button
07. The Purple Jellybean - Johnny Walker Trio play button
08. Dell's Bell's - Bob Brown Quartet play button
09. Dasheka - Bob Hines Trio
10. The Nitty Gritty Humbug - Steve Mason Trio
11. Take Five - Al Jarreau & Trio
12. Can You Handle It? - Matilda Haywood
13. Out of This World - George Smith
14. The Deep End - Ray Johnson
15. How Can You Be so Cold  - Lee Mitchell
16. St. James Infirmary - Shelley Fisher
17. Hearts Are Jumping - The Eminent Stars

One year has passed since the last release in this series and, as always, the Tramp Records crew have been working hard during the last 12 months to come up with an equally fine selection of tunes for this brand new volume. Our aim is to keep up with the quality of each release, a task which certainly does not get any easier as we step forward into the twenty first century.

There is no need to praise this selection of tracks. It is larger-than-life. And those who do not recognize the distinctiveness of it should better seek medical advice. The most astounding fact is certainly that 99% of the record buying public have never heard any of these tunes, most likely not even the artists. And we are not talking of people who solely listen to mainstream music. No. Even music lovers who believe that they have a good portion of knowledge when it comes to jazz and soul music will be left speechless.

You can skip to any song on this album and you won't be disappointed. The only premise is that you are a fan of raw, earthy soul and jazz music. If this is the case then you can't go wrong. Rene Bailey, Matilda Haywood, Lee Mitchell, Nu Art Quartet, to name a few. It is high time to introduce all these names to a broad audience and to prevent that they vanish into thin air. The Movements series was coined to introduce music lovers to so far unheard musical treasures. Tunes which only hardcore record collectors have had the privilege to enjoy it...until now.

Key selling points:

- 16-page CD-booklet and deluxe double-gatefold LP with detailed liner notes, label scans and unseen photographs

- all songs appear on a full-length album for the very first time