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The title says it all: A lot has happened since the first CD 'MaxSax' in 2014
came out. The five piece band planed to the live sound during many performances in and outside the Netherlands. It was quite a hard road to travel  hence 'long ride' is quite appropriate.

As Tini Thomsen (youngest of 5 children) likes to get a lot of attention, her beloved bariton saxophone  enjoys the same characteristics terms of sound. To let her instrument come to its full potential (and not just increase the volume)  skills are  required in the field of compositions and arrangements. But these are the kind of challenges she loves and brought her succes in Germany  where she was rewarded with the Jazzbaltica price (2015) and in 2016 with the GEMA music 'autor preis' in the Jazz / Crossover category.

Back to the challenge. The succes of MaxSax wth all the great reviews, awards and non stop touring  yielded new material. The music on The Long Ride was written especially for this strange instrument but never forgets  the catchy melodies and rocking jazz
Bassist and guitarist Mark Haanstra Tom Trapp have been specialists in playing baritone
supporting grooves, earwig melodies, delicate ballads and energetic solo passages.
Looking up extremes proved to be the solution.
The sound was found, and then the following happened: On a Jazzfestival Thomsen met  her old childhood hero alto saxophone player Nigel Hitchcock (among others, Mark Knopfler, Incognito and Tom Jones).
Tini and Nigel got on really well and shortly afterwards they played together during the reunion of the legendary saxophone quartet 'Itchy Fingers'  with of course Tini on baritone sax. It became clear, Hitchcock had to join the MaxSax band .

Thomsen always used to shout "Fuck the alto sax!
Well, it is human to make mistakes as the big supersax sound of Hitchcock and Thomsen
is divine.
On the new album "Long Ride" you can find typical catchy melodies, larger arcs, longer build-ups and more space for solos. The new CD, reflects the live sound of the band pretty well . Thomsen about this progress: The first album was fully produced in the studio around the baritone sax, but "The Long Ride" puts the whole band in the spotlight.
Tom Trapp contributed three compositions to the repertoire. His energetic and extroverted solos can be heard in his compositions "Lightning Girl" and "Equalizer". 'Chicago' is a piece that certainly lingers.
 'Say It Quietly 'is the ballad with alto sax feature and Tini's favorite moment during the
performances .
'Petals' made it also to the the album: Looped Baritone grooves that have been developed  from a solo performance into a duo style performance between  Hitchcock and
Thomsen: dreamy moments with grooves á la "Itchy Fingers'.

With this album  "The Long Ride" Thomsen wants to fulfill what was written in the German newspaper  'Hamburger Zeit: "She will play on stages around the entire world."