1 The Rain - 3:24
2 Backstreet Wall - 3:10
3 Cold Blood - 3:06
4 Dreams - 3:04
5 El Prudence - 2:06
6 Big Tweed - 3:42
7 Alfonso - 3:18
8 Mono Man - 3:36
9 The Devil - 3:54
10 Mama Lion - 4:30
11 Going In Circles - 3:02
12 Christophe Waltz - 3:28
13 Tape Lifter - 3:04

The sound of "The Electric Peanut Butter Co. is spreading across the nation!" With this proud declaration Shawn Lee and Adrian Quesada’s collaboration album is on it’s way so get ready to JAM!

As mutual fans of each others work, both Shawn and Adrian always looked for a way to work with each other and after meeting in Adrian’s hometown of Austin in 2010 for SXSW it was decided it was time to get to work once their respective schedules freed up. Inspired by ‘60s freaky psychedelic folk, rock, soul and all funky tidbits in-between and bands such as Los Angeles Negros, Federal Duck, US69 and El Chicano the duo set forth on their task to create “Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol.2.” The album’s name references the recording process behind it’s creation. Both heavily steeped in studio experience and amazing multi-instrumentalists in their own regard, partial songs and sometimes single tracks were recorded and sent back and forth across the pond. Shawn’s signature monster drums along with Adrian’s slinky basslines are the main ingredients in all the songs, creating a layer of rhythm that’s crunchy and buttery smooth throughout. They then took turns with guitars, percussion, keys and various other instruments in Shawn’s studio pantry to complete the songs. The spontaneity, freedom and fun both had in making the record is evident by the relatively short two month period it took to finish.

Lead-off track “The Rain” sets the tone with it’s driving beat and ‘60s flavored pop-psych-folk-funk-rock amalgamation that permeates the entire record. The more sinister side of psychedelia is also explored with songs such as “Back Street Wall” about the end of the world and “The Devil” which is their take on the classic tales of fire and brimstone with “El Diablo” personified as the metaphor of all that is evil. A rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” filtered through flavors and stylings of “The Dramatics” and “El Chicano” as described by Adrian balances out the dark with a bit of cheer and light. Shawn steps out of his “Ping Pong Orchestra” instrumental persona to do all the lead vocals throughout, providing the final, essential ingredient to the mix. Fans of both Shawn and Adrian’s instrumental excursions need not fret as a spoonful’s worth of dusty, cinematic, soulful and heavy grooves are blended in for good measure to round out this tasty treat!